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First Time Programming PLC LOGO! SIEMENS

plc logo siemens


Simulating Start / Stop in Logo! Soft Comfort Simulating PLC Logo siemens

First, We must to know these concepts:

Must Knowledge

Industrial Command
Basic English


First we need Hardwares and Software of PLC Logo

The Programmable Relay PLC Logo! need a Software to make the Program that control all our process, so we need these elemments:

NO problem if we dont have the Original CD, we can Download DEMO VERSION Here Download fast! from Siemens WebPage in "Demosoftware" if we have this demo, we may simulate and create a lot of control projects really perfect to practice

STEP 2: Installing Software or Demo

we have 2 options to install Software; Original or Demo

We can obtain DemoSoftware Free from Siemens Webpage:
Download Demo HERE from Siemens Webpage

Descargar Software de plc logo

We can Obtain software (aparently Full) from external links:
Video 1 - Link 1 Download Logo! Soft V8
Video 2 - Link 2 Download Logo! Soft V8

download plc logo

Very Important to consider:

STEP 3: Installing LOGO SOFT

Configuring and first steps in PLC LOGO! Siemens

Configuring pLc logo siemens

The steps to install Software are:

  1. Insert CD or do Click in SETUP downloades from Siemens Webpage
  2. Choose your Language and Continue
  3. Accept and Continue
  4. Keep the Default Folder and Continue
  5. Choose second round y continue
  6. The Installing is Starting...
  7. Choose "No" because it asked about use "USB Driver", we will use Ethernet Port RJ45
  8. Select first box Launch logo! and "Finish"
  9. Close Window that is opening from Logo!
  10. If you are in this image.... Congratulations! you are inside Logo! Soft Confort
  11. Now we prepare to develop our Software Experience

STEP 4: Preparing Ladder Enviroment

Preparing our Ladder Enviroment to Start to program; Ladder is easiest

In our first project gonna program "Start and Stop" a "Motor", we will work in LADDER, we need:

  1. By Default the logo! starts in KOP enviroment, we will work in LADDER
  2. Select in icon of the image, in the icon it must show "Convert to LAD"
  3. A new Window is open, lo cual evidentemente es diferente a la primera pestaña
  4. Close the KOP Window and now we will focus in languageLADDER
  5. Start to Program!

STEP 5: Programming my project

Programming my first project in Logo! Soft Comfort Siemens

make a project plc logo siemens

Programming a Start / Stop of a Motor we need to select the follow elements of our software, get it with Mouse:

STEP 6: Configuring Inputs-Outputs

Start to Configure our Digital Inputs and Digital Outputs (0-1)

Get with the Mouse the Contacts and Coil in the Side and rename this in software/hardware, write:

En el PLC Logo! Todas las Entradas Digitales van siempre en las borneras "I" en la parte superior ; Para las Salidas van en las borneras "Q" en el inferior del PLC

By Default The PLC Logo! got values of Switch for simulations in I1..Ix, we must to work with Momentary Pushbutton, so we go and change the values how show the pictures

STEP 7: Verifing Connections and Wire

Verify if our Connections and wire is Ready to Start in Logo!

Control Diagram

Power Diagram

Remember Always im so importante back to review your wire and verify you program in Software

STEP 8: Simulating Programmation

We Simulate what happens when we press Start and Stop


When Q1 is activated, the Output is activated too

STEP 9: Communicating with LOGO!

The moment to connect my Computer and PLC has arrived!

First always rewview IP of PLC, go to => NETWORK => IP ADDRESS, your PC must to be in same Network than PLC (example IP Photo, Your PC may has a IP

Then we must go and do right click in the side of menu bar in wifi icon "Network and Sharing Center" --> Change Adapter Settings --> Ethernet/Realtek --> Propierties --> Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4

In this case our Comunnication is Via Ethernet we will connecting PC and PLC by TCP/IP, so it´s not difficult, you must create a LAN chaging IP Address, it means the Computer and PLC must be in the same Network IP, by default the PC comes with "Automatic IP" :

Our PLC Logo! has by default 2 possible IPs ; 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x that's the reason because we must to change the IP in our PC, if we have the same network in PC and PLC we have created a LAN (Local Area Network), third number is a Sub-Network and how PLC Logo! may have 2 possible IPS we try with both; x may be a number 3 a 10, sometimes logo is 1 or 2 (x value)

When we are succefully connected a means we have connected with PLC Logo! for first time!

STEP 10: Finally Start Project

Remember verify your Software and Wire in PLC before start

  1. Verify your Inputs I and Outputs Q
  2. Verify your wire and connections in Logo!
  3. Always Simulate your program before Upload and Runs
  4. UPLOAD your program!

After Upload the program, go to RUN, After this our PLC will work; the screen in PLC will be in color of Picture above....CONGRATULATIONS we have configured for first time our PLC Logo! and then.... just practice



  1. Where Can Download Logo Soft Comfort! The Software of PLC Logo?
    For the Version DEMO go to Siemens Webpage here or you try in the above external links of Step 2 Here

  2. How Much is Original Software and Where can I Buy Logo Soft Comfort!
    It Costs around 70 USD (without upgrades) and you can get it in a external company Visit in Automation24 this software may be installed in many computers

  3. Is difficult Program a PLC Logo!
    Definitively NO, if you know about Industrial Control a Little English and Basic in Computers, you can understand perfectly if you follow the Steps in this page

  4. What is the difference between a PLC Logo! and Other PLC as Allen Bradley?
    You must understand that both are PLCs, so it means we need a program to excecute a control process; the PLC Logo! uses a Logo Soft Comfort a Software that is easy to use and low price ; in other case Allen Bradley (Compactlogix or Micrologix) is most powerfull PLC But the price is more expensive in PLC and Software (RSLinx5000), So both are Powerfull and when you choose is because a bigger PLC is for bigger Project, that's the difference

  5. Where Can I find PLC Logo Datasheet?
    Click Here to go to see Datasheet Logo!

  6. How to Choose a PLC Logo! for my Project?
    First you need to know the VOLTAJE to work (24V -12V - 110V - 220V) ; you must to know the digital inputs DI (buttons, emergency stops, etc), the Outputs (Contactors, Relays, VFD); and if you need measure Temperature or more complex parameters, you will need to get Aditional Modules as Analog Modules or Digital Modules

  7. Why Can't Connect with my PLC Logo?
    The Communication with PLC Logo! is by ETHERNET (TCP/IP) see the Step 9 Here where we explain how connect by IP; you should change your Sub-network number in your computer, remember Logo! comes with 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x must to try with both options